ARCHIVE of the immaterial heritage of NAVARRE

Informants and cultural agents

They are considered to be the focus of the Record, they are often genuine alive human Treasures, by UNESCO. We owe to their kindness and wisdom, the enjoyment of the knowledge and values provided by every testimony and cultural manifestation gathered and/or collected.We would like to express our gratitude to all of them for their cooperation and for having allowed the edition and broadcast of their contributions. All your details, with the appropriate safety, will figure/ be listed/ appear in our alphabetic index. 


Individual informants, collective informants and cultural agents

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Even if the transmission way of the (ICH) is always intergenerational, between generations, it hasn’t always worked in the same way and neither had the same weakness. In general terms, there should be a difference between a collective transmission (cultural agents and collective informants) and a more personal and initiation transmission (person-person or teacher-learner).

Culture agents’ network

Our aim is to propel the cultural agents’ network in every area of the ICH, being many of them damaged by difficulties in the generational renewal. The Archive is a technological platform who allows the visibility of their work.

Namesort descending Type
Alberro Iraizoz, Maritxu Informante Individual
Albistur Mindegia, Rufina Informante Individual
Alchourroun, Jeanne Informante Individual
Aldareguía Guruzeaga, Francisca Informante Individual
Aldareguía Iguelz, Josefa Informante Individual
Aldaz Goñi, María Informante Individual
Alduntzin, Juan Bautista Informante Individual
Alegría Echeverría, Silvestre Informante Individual
Alegría, Benito Informante Individual
Alfaro, María Jesús Informante Individual