ARCHIVE of the immaterial heritage of NAVARRE

Patrimonial Education: Didactics of heritage

Use our selection of didactic materials

The dissemination which focuses on the cultural event or appearance and its values, the patrimonial education, from its didactic aspects takes charge of the subject who is learning in a more or less formal way. 

Due to the ICT their learning environment has spread out and it allows the situated knowledge (in classroom, in cultural houses, in ecomuseums …)  as well as the mobile knowledge ( in educational paths, for example). We’re willing to offer you our quality resources and experiences in relation with the cultural patrimony (specially the ICP).

Educational resources

There is also a large range among the profile of the subject who learns in terms of age, objectives and circumstances. That’s why the educational resources and the educational patrimonial intervention ought to be adapted to that diversity.

In order to achieve that, we suggest a wide range of didactic materials coming from our own creation as well as from other cultural and educational agents. The main guideline for the selection of that range is the presentation of resources which will help in the educational innovation in pursuit of an integral model of education (multisensory, emotional and cognitive)

Teaching experiences in the classroom

In this fund you will be able to find, as a result of that range and our own work, references of books and works in other supports; interactive books for downloading; didactic projects, units and/or proposes; download of several application for the formal education (curriculum) which help out in the situated knowledge as well as in the mobility knowledge ( generating educational presentations and paths with the Folder’s funds, web quest, serious games …); downloading didactic application for the non-formal and informal education, etc.

Educators’ network

We want to build up a network side by side with the educators and set up several learning communities in patrimonial education and , also, in the initiation of researching, all together with them. All those didactic projects will be gathered in a cultural landscape and heritage (specially the immaterial one) experience bank, together with other exemplary national and international practice.