ARCHIVE of the immaterial heritage of NAVARRE

Would you like to know our project in detail?

This documentary centre project has the aim of cooperating in the essential actions, defined by UNESCO so as to safeguard  the Cultural Immaterial Heritage, in our case, in the geographical area of Navarre and Lower Navarre: identification and documentation; safeguard and conservation; advertising and broadcasting; protection and revitalisation.

What is it the Cultural Heritage?

From the 32nd Meeting ( Paris, October 2003), the UNESCO defines it as “the uses, representations, expressions, knowledge and techniques, that the communities, the groups, etc. recognise it as a member of their cultural heritage”. The National Plan to Safeguard the Cultural Immaterial Heritage of Spain (2011) describes it as “every cultural manifestation is linked to a shared and rooted collection of meanings in a community”.

Interesting contents

We have created a dinamyc fund of multimedia, sound, audiovisual and textual archives, related to the traditional culture of Navarre and Lower Navarre. The acces to all this materials is free and unlimited, because we want them to be known and to broadcast the wealth of this land.  

Moreover, we use a simple design which makes it easier to surf and search the multimedia fund as well as the towns.


  • Non-profit initiative
  • Cultural Project
  • Group work
  • Intercultural and cross-border
  • Intergenerational
  • Interactive
  • Multilingual: four languages
  • Versatile: broadcasting and scientific work
  • Multifunctional: cultural, educative and touristic