ARCHIVE of the immaterial heritage of NAVARRE

Polyphony of emotions 

Polyphony, collective autorship, a pleasant return to the docere, delectaremovere of the deepest, most valious and life-giving tradition. The polyphony of emotions, a delicate transmission of values (some unbeatable; and surmountable others). To explore this kingdom of the imaginary, of the obstinate plural number, in this Navarre Kingdom. And explore it learning to enjoy and to excite, to sum before dividing. This collective and polyphonyc impulse is the one that has lighten the project to build an Archive of the navarre immaterial heritage, sound, audiovisual and testual, Project that has been enriching progressively with the new technologies and with the contribution of numerous collaborators or coauthors. 

Local identity in a global world

And it has become an answere to the cultural risks of the growing globalization, to know: the strangling of the imagination; to the leveling or uniformity; to the erosion of the pillars or the values of the society; and the illusion of referenciality, that is to say, to succumb to the mirage of considering the techno-scientific-rationalist discourse as the real absolute without noticing their own limitation of this speech and the existence of the other vital and anthropology essential dimensions. Because this impulse along the imagination (anthropology, primordial and synthetic category,  from which we can understand the combination of culture and the faculty of the symbolization from where all the fears, hopes and cultural fuits of the human being emanate) place us in front of our ethos and our cosmovission, but it also places us in front of the other imaginary, the root of the indifference, the mistrust, the fear and even the hate that poison our coexistence.

The acceptance of the diversity and social cohesion 

The Cultural Immaterial Heritage (CIH) is an opportunity of recognising the sociocultural diversity and managing the social cohesion. It helps to visualize and increasing the value of the cultural presents in a society, as the same time as it establishes intercultural bonds between them. And it realizes, finally, the local and global, the individual and universal.